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Knapp’s is a full service bicycle retail and repair shop offering a unique range of merchandise and services for all your bicycle needs.  Our bicycle lines include the world’s best and can be worked into any budget!  We carefully select our products and always try and keep a well-stocked store featuring the latest and greatest.


We are more than a bicycle store.  We work hard, we constantly educate ourselves and others, and we treat each customer as an individual, listening closely to your needs.  We promote the sport as a means of transportation, fun, relaxation, and most of all, family  bonding.  We love what we do.  We Ride to Live.


Our “job” is to serve cyclists, our mission is to share the joys of cycling with everyone else.


Knapp’s first opened in 1944 in the heart of Trenton and then moved to Ewing on Olden Avenue where Pete Garnich began working at age 13.  In 1989 he purchased the store and in 1998 moved it to our current location in Lawrenceville.  Knapp’s has grown into a thriving business with our very simple philosophies – quality and great customer service always has and always will come long before quantity at our store.

Now - 2017


Then - 1944


Our Team

  • Jeff Terebey
    Jeff Terebey Sales Specialist/Coach

    While I’ve ridden a bike of some sort since I was a kid, I’ve only recently discovered the sport of cycling as something that I’m truly passionate about. To me, getting out and being able to discover new routes and climbs and the freedom that invokes is a feeling that everyone should experience. I also enjoy the competitive side of the sport. My current claim to fame is that I was the 2016 Hawaii State Road Race champion. I enjoy talking about all aspects of cycling, be it equipment, racing, training, or places to ride.  As a recently certified USA Cycling Coach, my long term goal is to be able share my passion for cycling by helping others realize their potential and achieve their cycling goals.

  • Tom Ritter
    Tom Ritter Sales Specialist

    As a youngster I rode my bike everywhere and as I got older I really enjoyed the freedom that riding a bike provides.  I could leave in the morning and ride all over the place and not come back until later in the day.  Then I got my driver’s license and the bike went into the shed, never to be seen again.  In 2001 I rediscovered cycling and the joy riding brings.  I ride mostly on the road, with some mountain biking sprinkled in here and there.  Working at Knapp’s allows me to share that joy of riding with all of our great customers.

  • Pete Garnich
    Pete Garnich Owner

    I started working at Knapp’s at the age of 13.  I purchased the shop in 1989, then moved it from Olden to Princeton Avenue in 1997.  Bikes have always been my life from an early age. I grew up riding bmx in the woods, then moving on to mountain bikes. Although I enjoy riding the road on occasion, my true love is deep in any woods riding cross country.

    I enjoy sharing the love of cycling with my kids and teaching other kids how to ride.  I love to get involved with many charity events and rides as possible to continue to give back to the sport.

  • Stephanie Garnich
    Stephanie Garnich Owner

    I left my corporate job as an engineer in 1998 for a better life working at the shop.  I just love being on any type of bike and I have never had a “bad” ride. I started off strictly as a road rider, but now I can say I am more of a mountain biker. Cycling gives me a sense of freedom like nothing else. Riding with our kids has become of of our favorite family activities.
    I am a simpleton. I love life’s hidden treasures, and interestingly I find most of them on my bike through the places I see and people I meet.

  • Drew Shapiro
    Drew Shapiro Service Manager

    Taking things apart and putting them back together is what started my appreciation for bikes at a young age.  BMX bikes started it all and morphed into road & mountain in my adult years.  Nothing is better than bringing a bike back from the dead.  I like fixing bikes more then riding them.  I’ve been in the bike game for as long as I can remember.  Can’t see myself doing anything else, I’m just too damn good.


  • “One of the reasons that the Ride for Runaways is so successful is that we have wonderful relationships in our community.  You and your family and your staff are at the top of that list.  Thank you for helping us some so that in turn more money can help the kids & programs of Anchor House.  You get it...and we are lucky that you do.

    Kathy D. Anchor House
  • "Stopped into today to help a friend of mine select a road bike. Everyone at Knapp's was super friendly . The store is well layed out and has a relaxed atmosphere. They welcomed us immediately. Bill was great in showing my friend good choices in his price range. We found a great bike that fit the riders needs- no oversell at all. My friend is as excited as we are are with getting a new bike but was especially happy he went to Knapp's"

  • "I'd like to thank you, first for your kindness and can-do spirit on the date of my accident.  When my mangled bike was brought to you the night before my big week long ride and your crew was prepared to repair it and put it on the truck in less than 24 hours, telling me, "not to worry" about it.  That represents an extraordinarily high level of service.  I also wanted to extend my gratitude for the effort made to work with my family to return my bike to top shape for an amazing Christmas surprise this year."



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