How to master Paris-Roubaix, I mean the streets of New Jersey

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This too shall pass and we will get our beautiful NJ roads back

Yes, our roads have taken a beating this winter.  That part is true.  BUT….we don’t have to let that stop us from enjoying our spring road riding as usual.  Here are some tips that we have put together to help you stay upright and keep your bike intact.

1.  Air up – As always, no matter the conditions, be sure to ALWAYS properly inflate your tire to the recommended air pressure before EVERY ride.

2.  While the roads are laden with potholes and debris, consider temporarily swapping your tires out to the maximum allowed size for your bike.  If it is a road bike, you may be able to take it up to 28c.  (We can help you determine that) OR ride a crossbike, like the Speciailized Crux.

3.  Take it easy on your “normal routes” until you are sure the terrain is safe.

4.  Be on the lookout!!  For not only potholes but for loose gravel.  Loose gravel in a turn can often mean road rash for you.  So, take the turns very slow, as well as your descents, they could also have gravelly sections.

5.  In the event that you do have to avoid a road hazard, make an effort to go around it to the right, do NOT swerve into traffic.  A great skill as a road cyclist to master is the bunny hop.  A small obstacle can be avoided with a simple hop.  This is actually very easy, but should only be done with a little practice under your belt.

6.  And lastly, If you notice a dangerous pothole, or hazardous condition in the road, do not hesitate to email the NJ Department of Tranportation Bicycle advocate at  Believe it or not, they will come take care of it.

Be safe out there and Ride Daily!!

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